Preventing Frequent Cyber Attacks in Bangladesh

Cyber attacks in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s Government is taking multiple steps to digitalize the country. This effort is appreciable. On the other side, cyber attacks in Bangladesh are also increasing. We know the cyber security workforce shortage is a global issue, and on the other side, Bangladesh faces unique hurdles. Additionally, We have noticed that the businesses of Bangladesh are … Read more

Malware: Unpacking the Potential of Shellcode Execution

Malware: Unpacking the Potential of Shellcode Execution

In this modern world, Malware infection is still one of the biggest threats to individuals and organizations. There are different ways used by cyber criminals to get their malware into someone’s computer. One of the most quickly used methods is called “Shellcode Execution + Social Engineering.”, It’s also called “Shellcode Runner”. On the 27th of … Read more

Understanding Template Injection Vulnerability

Template Injection

Template injection vulnerability occurs when attackers can inject malicious templates into the applications. Templates are used in applications to make them dynamic. Also, templates are used to combine dynamic and static data to make the final output. When an application fails to sanitize or validate user input that is used within templates, it can lead … Read more

How Does SQL Injection Vulnerability Work?

SQL injection

SQL injection vulnerability refers to a type of vulnerability where the application fails to sanitize user input accepts malicious SQL commands as input and executes them on the backend server. SQL injection vulnerability is one of the high-severity vulnerabilities. SQL injection vulnerability can cause major damage to an organization. Example Scenario Let’s think about an … Read more

How IDOR Works : A Pentester’s Guide


IDOR stands for Insecure Direct Object Reference. In this article, we will describe how IDOR works. It is a vulnerability that occurs when an application allows a user to access or manipulate objects (e.g., files, database records, resources) directly through user-supplied input, such as parameters in the URL or form data. This allows attackers to … Read more

What is a pentesting report?

Pentesting Report

A pentesting report, short for penetration testing report, is a comprehensive document that provides an in-depth analysis of the findings and results of a penetration test. Penetration testing, often referred to as “pentesting”, is a controlled and simulated cyber attack on a system, network, application, or organization’s infrastructure, conducted to identify security vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities. … Read more

Top Security Breaches of All Time

Top Security Breaches of All Time

In today’s digital landscape, security breaches have become a prevalent threat to individuals, organizations, and even nations. The repercussions of these breaches extend beyond the usual consequences of financial loss, reputational damage, legal consequences, and compromised privacy. In this article, we delve into the history of cybersecurity to highlight the top 10 security breaches of … Read more

Social Engineering: Prevention, Protection and Real Incidents

Social Engineering

Social engineering refers to the manipulation of individuals or groups to gain unauthorized access to information, systems, or physical locations. It is a technique often employed by malicious actors who exploit people’s psychology, beliefs, and vulnerabilities to trick or trick individuals into performing actions that benefit the attacker. Some Real incidents of Social Engineering attacks … Read more