Vulnerability Assessment Services

Vulnerability Assessment

Type of Vulnerability Assessment We offer

Network Assessment

We scan firewalls, servers, routers, switches, and other network devices. Our experts search for weaknesses, such as insecure configurations, outdated software, and weak encryption.

Application Assessment

This service is designed to uncover any vulnerabilities within your web, mobile, or desktop applications. We search for common vulnerabilities such as Advanced SQL Injection, XSS, and others.

Database Assessment

As databases hold sensitive data, our database security assessment searches for any weaknesses, such as misconfigurations, access control issues, and others.

Host Vulnerability Assessment

This assessment search for vulnerabilities in individual devices or hosts. We will look for weaknesses in your servers, workstations, and other endpoints.

Cloud Vulnerability Assessment

We will assess your cloud-based systems and applications. This assessment finds the security gaps such as access control, encryption, and other cloud-based security issues.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment

  1. Comprehensive Analysis: We use the most updated tools and techniques to find vulnerabilities in your network, applications, and infrastructure.
  2. Prioritized Risk Management: Our service helps you prioritize the security risks and their impact.
  3. Compliance Assurance: RedNode’s vulnerability assessment will help you to comply with industry regulations such as GDRP, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.
  4. Continuous Improvement: We will provide constant support and recommendation to improve your security posture.
  5. Enhanced Reputation: By identifying security weaknesses in IT Systems and fixing them before they get exploited by malicious users, you can boost your organization’s reputation.

How the Process Works

  1. Discovery: We will analyze your organization to find digital infrastructure and all assets.
  2. Scanning: We will use cutting-edge tools to scan your systems to discover vulnerabilities attackers could exploit.
  3. Analysis and Prioritization: We will prioritize the vulnerabilities based on their impact after scanning. Prioritizing will help you to address the most critical security issues first.
  4. Reporting and Recommendations: RedNode will provide a professional and comprehensive report detailing all findings and recommendations.
  5. Retesting and Remediation: After implementing our recommendations, we will retest to verify if the identified vulnerabilities still exist, and if needed, we will provide additional guidance.
Vulnerability Assessment Process

Method Of Vulnerability Assessment

RedNode employs various tried and tested methods to conduct vulnerability assessments that guarantee a thorough analysis of your cybersecurity landscape. Our methods are carefully tailored to identify vulnerabilities across your systems and networks. Check out the primary techniques we utilize:

1. Automated Scanning

This method uses tools and software to scan vulnerabilities in your network, infrastructure, and systems. This method may need to be more reliable to detect more complex vulnerabilities requiring human interaction.

2. Manual Testing

Our security expert performs manual testing to complement the automated vulnerability assessment. Manual assessment should be performed to detect more complex vulnerabilities. The manual assessment also helps to eliminate the false positive that automated scanners can generate.

3. Checklist-based Assessment

With checklist-based assessment, we use industry-standard checklists such as the Vulnerability Scoring system to evaluate your system.

4. Risk-based Assessment

This method focuses on addressing the vulnerabilities with the most significant risks. For risk-based vulnerability assessment, we need to understand your security concern, business context, regulatory environment, and the nature of the data.

5. White, gray, and black box Assessment

We perform White, gray, or black box assessment, depending on the assessment type you choose. In the White box assessment, we will have complete knowledge of the system; for gray box testing, we start with limited knowledge; for black box testing, we will have no knowledge about your system except the address.

Vulnerability Assessment Pricing

As we believe that high-quality cybersecurity services should be accessible to any size of business, We made our service truly affordable.

Host Vulnerability Assessment

$300 / Host

Comprehensive Scanning

Operating System Analysis

Port and Services Review

Security Policy Review

Patch Management Review

Application Assessment

$350 / Application

Black, Gray, or White Box Testing

Functionality Testing

Comprehensive Application Scanning

Error Handling Assessment

Business Logic Evaluation

Network Assessment

$300 / Host

Comprehensive Devices scanning

Review Security Policy

Patch Management Review

Firewall and AVs Review

Services Review

API Vulnerability Assessment

$900 / Per API

Comprehensive Scanning

Authentication & Authorization Checking

Data Validation Checking

Error Handling


Cloud Assessment

$650 / Per Host

Access Control Checking

Data Protection Validation

Configuration Analysis

Cloud Asset Inventory

Professional Reporting

Database Assessment

$300 / Per Database

Access Control Checking

Configuration Checking

Data Protecting Checks

Comprehensive Scanning

Certified Tester

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As we believe that high-quality cybersecurity services should be accessible to any size of business, We made our service truly affordable.

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