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Rednode is dedicated to fighting digital threats in your environment. Our operators are highly skilled and certified with years of industry experience. Our goal is to ensure the rigidity of your infrastructure against an ever-growing threat landscape.


We discover weaknesses in your system before adversarial do it!


Mitigate risks and reduce being compromised by a cyber attack.


Strength your security posture with our offensive-security certified team.

Top-tier Offensive Security and Penetration Testing Hub

Rednode’s operators are highly skilled and certified with years of industry experience to discover the latest security weaknesses, protect you, and strengthen your defense from modern cyber attacks. Even though RedNode is based in Bangladesh’s only company holding highly recognized certifications like OSCE3, we provide our various cybersecurity and penetration testing services globally.

Penetration testing service by OSCE3 Certified
Security Testing Service by CNVP Certified


What we offer

Stay one step ahead of cyber threats with our customized security services

Penetration Testing

We identify security weaknesses in your infrastructure, attempt to exploit them, and provide you with a details report. Let us assess before getting compromised.

Web Application Testing

Adversaries go beyond the OWASP, we go beyond the adversaries by testing your web application with microscopic precision.

Vulnerability Assessment

Audit the technology, the people, and the process with a groundbreaking internal assessment tailored to your environment.

Red Team Exercise

Fully assess your organization’s security by a simulated real-world attack. This is the best way to identify your organization’s weaknesses.

Internal Security Testing

Rednode can help you to identify the most critical assets in your internal network and identify the vulnerabilities for every asset.


Employees are often the weakest link, we can train your workforce to be better at deterring security intrusion and responding to breaches with a robust curriculum.

Cybersecurity services

Our Process

We are committed to keeping your business safe from cyber threats by providing our comprehensive and customized solutions. Every business has its own requirements. So for better security testing service, here are the 6 easy steps we follow.


we will have a details discussion with you To understand your current security posture and the kind of cyber threats you are worried of

Define Scope

We discover available assets like devices, networks, and applications that should be tested.

Submit Proposal

We submit a detailed proposal that includes the time frame for the test, testing methods, and total cost.

Get Approval

After acceptance of the proposal, we will provide the necessary papers to sign on to avoid any future issues.

Start Testing

If you approve our proposal, we will start the testing. Here we will combine our manual and automated testing skills for the best result.

Reporting & Free Retesting

After completion of the test, we submit the report that includes identified vulnerabilities and solutions details. We test again.

More About us

Why choose us

Certified Experts

We are Cyber Security Experts holding many prestigious certifications like OSCP, and OSCE3.

Dedicated to quality

We never compromise with quality and make sure we deliver high-quality results to our clients.

Hands-on experience

With a combined 5+ years of hands-on experience, our expert team system will test for all vulnerabilities.


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common Questions

We are the ones that will guide you to the future.

Penetration Testing is a form of offensive cyber security attack that is performed by ethical hackers to identify network, system, or web vulnerabilities. The penetration tester uses the same methods and tools and attempts to break into your system!

The cost depends on the project size. But a pen-testing project duration(Depending on the size) usually last for 3 days to 4 weeks. And the price starts from 500 to 10000 USD without any extra or hidden charge. For a limited time, We are also providing a 20% discount for every project.

Vulnerability Assessment is automated testing to find existing vulnerabilities and does not require exploitation. Whereas, Pentesting is a kind of manual testing that attempts to exploit the weakness.

Our penetration testing services are performed remotely and from anywhere. The only limitation is we may need to set up a VPN if it is an Internal Security Testing, and don’t need to analyze any physical security.

Our testing includes Scoping, Enumeration, Vulnerability Scanning(Manual and automated), Exploitation, Detailed Reporting, and Retesting.

Penetration testing is a process of simulated attack to identify vulnerabilities within your network, before an attacker, it improves security posture and saves you from huge damages.

What our Clients say

Had originally one small project. After seeing the good result I initiate a second one that also were completed to my satisfaction. Highly recommended.

Torben N.

Was very happy with the work. An outstanding Penetration Testing service with expert knowledge of all security vulnerabilities. Do not hesitate to hire Redtm! We will be working again soon.

George L.

He has a good knowledge of the subject. He cares to do it how you want.

Valentin M.