Penetration Testing Service


Type of penetration test

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

We combine manual and automated testing techniques to address vulnerabilities in your network infrastructures and systems.

Web Application Testing

We help to secure your web application by addressing all possible vulnerabilities. Never leave it open for cyber threats.

Cloud Penetration Testing

We use real-world simulated attack scenarios to identify the weakness in your cloud system. Contact us today.

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What is Penetration Testing

What is Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is a simulated attack performed by a cyber security expert to find exploitable vulnerabilities in a computer system or network and help to remediate the vulnerabilities. The penetration tester uses the same tools and technique that is used by a malicious hacker. A penetration tester is also called Ethical Hacker.

Failing to conduct regular network infrastructure penetration testing can leave an organization vulnerable to a potentially devastating cyber attack. Shockingly, it has been projected that the global cost of cyber security in 2021 will amount to a staggering $6 trillion, with estimates reaching $8 trillion in 2022 and a possible $10.5 trillion by 2025. There are various reasons why organizations are susceptible to compromise:

  • Not performing Penetration Testing regularly.
  • Testing by inexperienced Penetration Testers.
  • Lack of knowledge of the latest vulnerabilities.

Key Benefits of Regular Pentesting

Penetration Testing is the best way to identify the existing vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, networks, web applications, servers, and systems.

By doing penetration testing, you can determine the current complete security posture of your organization. You can address every possible weakness and improve the overall security posture.

Penetration testing helps to ensure the defense capability of your organization by launching a sophisticated attack. This will ensure that you are capable of your internal incident responders.

By performing regular penetration testing, you can detect existing vulnerabilities and other security weaknesses. If the vulnerabilities and weaknesses are not remediated before getting exploited by attackers, a data breach may happen. You can identify the recent vulnerabilities and weaknesses and reduce the attack surface.

If you leave weakness alone, anytime it can be exploited by cyber threats. And Data breaches or network downtime may occur. Recovering from such an incident is very expensive. You can prevent this costly incident by performing regular penetration testing by certified and experienced security experts.

Penetration Testing Benefits


What Kind of Pentest You Need?

Black Box Pentesting

Black Box Testing is a type of penetration testing that emulates external attackers. As an attacker would start using minimal information to get unauthorized access, so as we. With black box testing, we can pentest your network infrastructure or single server

Gray Box Pentesting

Gray box penetration testing is a combination of a white box and a black box. The gray box is a method to simulate an attacker that has some internal information about the target company. This is one of the best methods to assess overall security effectively.

White Box Pentesting

White box penetration testing is providing complete knowledge about the organization’s systems, networks, source code, and other details. White box testing is a specialized approach to digging deeper to find unknown vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing Phases

We have five penetration testing phases that help to assess your security posture. Every step is carefully followed to ensure the best possible result at the end.

1. Planning & Preparation

We work with you to understand what kind of security incidents you are worried about. We identify the system and applications to be tested. We will also find out if there are any specific requirements. We plan how and when we are going to launch the penetration test.

2. Reconnaissance

We perform information gathering and enumeration to find attack vectors in your network. Both with automation and in-depth analysis. During the recon phase, we gather information about your infrastructures, servers, domain, subdomains, IPs, etc.

3. Vulnerability Assessment

We combine our manual test with highly sophisticated open sources and commercial tools to identify vulnerabilities in your infrastructures, server, web, and other services. Next, we eliminate any false positives manually.

4. Exploitation

After identifying vulnerabilities we attempt to exploit them. If necessary we write our own exploit. In this step, we use our skills and combine open-source and commercial tools to achieve better results.

5. Reporting & Retesting

Reporting is the final phase after successful penetration testing. We will provide you with a report with details information about the identified vulnerabilities, how they can be exploited, and recommendations for possible remediation.

Who Needs Penetration Test

Small Business

Don’t let cyber threats consider you an easy target as in recent years, cybercriminals showing more interest to attack small businesses. Redtm’s expert professionals can help you to protect against cyber attacks and save you from future damages.

Midsize Organizations

Midsize organizations may not have enough resources and experienced people to maintain a proper security program. It could be also an expensive task. But we can give a helping hand to fill this gap and strengthen your overall security by comprehensive testing in your network.

Large Enterprise

Larger Enterprises may have a dedicated internal cyber security team. This is not mean, this type of organization is risk-free. Our Comprehensive Penetration Testing Service can identify weaknesses in your network infrastructures, and systems to protect critical assets.