Penetration Testing

Open Source Intelligence(OSINT)

Open-source Intelligence(OSINT) is the first step when it comes to red teaming. In this post, I will provide some reference and technique that is commonly used by penetration tester and red teamer for passive information gathering. Search Engine OSINT Search engines like Google is a powerful tool to find most of the publicly available information. … Read more

Penetration Testing Cheat Sheet

While Studying for OSCP from various sources, I took notes and made a quick cheat sheet so that I don’t need to search for the same thing repeatedly. I am sharing this cheat sheet as I think it might be helpful for someone. Note: If you need more help or have questions, mail me, or … Read more

Essential Tools for Penetration Tester

Enumeration Information Gathering and Enumeration is the first stage for a penetration tester. Enumerating using some opensource tools speed up the process. Here are some tools commonly used by ethical hackers for enumeration. Dmitry Dmitry can search common information from various sources such as Basic usage: Download: DnsEnum This is a tool to … Read more

Hashcat Cheat Sheet

As a penetration tester we can’t ignore hash cracking if we even can do pass-the-hash. Hash cracking could be one of the last resort if nothing work. Hashcat is the most popular and fastest program to crack password hash. I have included most common technique that can be used in hashcat to crack password hash. … Read more