RedNode Joins Forces with Korea’s NationalWin

RedNode Joins Forces with Korea's NationalWin

Today, We are excited to share that RedNode, and NationalWin Co., Ltd have signed the partnership agreement. NationalWin Co., Ltd., an information security firm based in the Republic of Korea, was founded by famous cybersecurity expert Byeol Lee. Why This Partnership Matters Thanks to all the clients of RedNode and Byeol Lee for making this … Read more

Protecting Your Website from Cyber Attacks

Protecting Your Website from Cyber Attacks

Website plays a vital role in online business. But just launching a website is not the end of the job. Since most web applications store sensitive data, it is essential to implement proper security. Organizations and website owners must remain vigilant about their openness to prevent potential cyber-attacks. If you seriously want to avoid your … Read more

A Guide to Hiring a Cybersecurity Expert for Small Business

Hiring cybersecurity expert

The frequency of cyber attacks against small businesses has recently increased significantly. Cybersecurity is no more just an option. It is now necessary. Most small businesses are digitalized, and now they often handle sensitive data, such as credit card information. To protect your business and other sensitive data from cyberattacks, hiring a cybersecurity expert is … Read more

Should You Hire a Freelancer Cybersecurity Expert?

Freelance Cybersecurity Expert

As technology advances, so do cybercriminals—almost any business or individual is at risk of cyber attacks. Sometimes organizations or individuals need quick help from someone expert. How can these organizations find such a cybersecurity expert quickly? This article will discuss if a freelancer cybersecurity expert, such as a penetration tester, is a good choice. We … Read more

Top 10 Best Practices for Web Security Testing

Top Web Security Testing Best Practices for Your Business

In the digital age, ensuring the security of web applications is no longer optional—it’s a necessity. Cyber threats have increased, and businesses of all sizes are becoming targets. It would be best to prioritize web security testing to protect sensitive data, customer information, and reputation. The definition of Web Security Testing Web security testing is … Read more

Top Web Application Penetration Testing Tools: Choose the Best One

Web application penetration testing tools

Cyber threats are much more challenging than ever and web application is probably the most and easy target for them. So web application penetration testing is now more than essential to identify weaknesses in the web application before cyber threats exploit them. In our opinion, Combining manual and automatic testing techniques for comprehensive web application … Read more

Cost-Effective Cybersecurity Solutions for Business Owners

Cybersecurity Solutions

Every business must prioritize cybersecurity to safeguard its systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These threats are constantly evolving, putting businesses on the defensive. It is crucial to implement robust cybersecurity measures, and the cost should not be an excuse for any business owner. This article aims to dispel the misconception of exorbitant prices … Read more

Building a Culture of Cybersecurity

cybersecurity culture

Cyber threat is evolving as attackers use new tactics to launch their cyberattacks. Organizations must stay alert to protect their digital assets in this changing situation. One of the effective ways to deal with these concerns is to make cybersecurity part of the organization’s culture. In this article, RedNode has compiled some actionable advice for … Read more

Choose The Right Penetration Tester for Your Business: 9 Key Factors to Consider

Choose Penetration Tester

In a constantly evolving cyber threats landscape, all sizes of businesses must prioritize security. Penetration testing is an effective way to measure and ensure your organization’s safety. Penetration testing identifies security weaknesses in your IT Infrastructure and resolves them before exploitation by attackers. However, For success choosing the correct penetration tester is essential. This article … Read more