A Guide to Hiring a Cybersecurity Expert for Small Business

Hiring cybersecurity expert

The frequency of cyber attacks against small businesses has recently increased significantly. Cybersecurity is no more just an option. It is now necessary. Most small businesses are digitalized, and now they often handle sensitive data, such as credit card information. To protect your business and other sensitive data from cyberattacks, hiring a cybersecurity expert is essential. They monitor, detect, investigate and respond to security threats. But how do you hire a top-talent cybersecurity security expert? We will find the way in this post.

Option 1: Hiring an In-House Cybersecurity Expert

Hiring an In-House cybersecurity expert can rewarding but a daunting task. It is still necessary to find the best cybersecurity expert as it is one of the most essential parts of your cybersecurity defense. You can follow the below process to hire an In-House cybersecurity professional.

Identifying the Role

You need to identify the exact role that the cybersecurity professional will play. For example, what will be his responsibilities? Will the cybersecurity expert manage the entire IT Infrastructure or focus only on cybersecurity? Do they need to train your employees or only secure your network? Understanding all these things will help you set clear and realistic expectations for possible candidates.

Essential Qualifications

Look for someone who holds related and recognized certifications. In 2023, OSCP or OSCE3 is the most respected and considered as a gold standard, whereas OSCE3 is the highly skilled expert in offensive security. You can also consider CISSP and Pentest+, or at least Security+. 

You should pay attention to their practical experience in the related fields too.

Interview Process and Cultural Fit

During the interview, you should inquire about the candidate’s approach to cybersecurity and how they solve problems. When hiring a cybersecurity professional, they must mesh well with the existing team dynamics.

Key Points to Consider

  1. Dedicated: In-house cybersecurity expert is fully dedicated to your company’s security.
  2. Immediate Response: In security incidents, an in-house cybersecurity expert can respond immediately.
  3. Costly and Ongoing Training Requirements: Full-time cybersecurity experts could be expensive, and keeping their knowledge up-to-date can be challenging and require further investment.
  4. Turnover risks: If an in-house cybersecurity expert leaves the company, it may leave a significant gap in your cybersecurity defense.

Option 2: Outsourcing to a Cybersecurity Firm

When you outsource to a cybersecurity firm, you must be careful to find the best cybersecurity firm with a team of most cybersecurity experts. The procedure is different than finding an in-house cybersecurity expert. 

Identifying Your Needs

Before outsourcing a cybersecurity professional, you should clearly understand your goal that why you need a cybersecurity expert for your organization. Will they find security flaws in your systems, web, or infrastructure? Or will they act as a security operation center to detect and respond to security incidents? Defining your needs will help you find a firm specializing in these areas.

Reputation and Expertise

Look for a firm with a strong reputation and expertise. Ask them for their profile and previous work experience, and ensure they have experience in this area. A good cybersecurity firm will have experienced and skilled cybersecurity professionals ready to work for you.

Cost Consideration

For small businesses, budget is always a concern. But remember, a breach will cost you more than the compensation of a cybersecurity expert. Find a firm that is not a money eater. A good cybersecurity firm would be passionate about their work and offer a reasonable price.

Key Points to Consider

There are several advantages to outsourcing a cybersecurity expert. Let’s see the top 4 of them:

  1. Access to Team of Experts: You will have access to a team of experts specializing in a specific area.
  2. Less Expensive: Outsourcing cybersecurity expert is less expensive than in-house hiring as you pay only for the specific service you hire them.
  3. Staying Current: Cybersecurity firms remain up-to-date with current tech, threats, and best practices.
  4. Communication Issues: Working with a third-party cybersecurity firm may introduce delays or misunderstandings.

Over 50% of small businesses outsource cybersecurity experts from a third-party cybersecurity firm because it is more cost-efficient and easy to find.

Final Thoughts

When deciding on cybersecurity, weigh the pros and cons of hiring in-house or outsourcing to a firm. Consider your unique needs and resources to make the best choice for your business. An OSCE3 Certified cybersecurity expert leads the team of RedNode. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us.