Affordable Cybersecurity Solutions and Price

Cybersecurity is a major issue for all sizes of businesses. We understand how frustrating it can be if a data breach happens. That is why our cybersecurity solutions are planned in such a way that all sizes of businesses can access to best possible security solutions on an affordable budget. All assessments are performed by OSCP and OSCE3 certified professionals and conducted Remotely only. Our services are offered globally.

Vulnerability Assessment

Identify low to high-ranked vulnerabilities in your network, systems, and infrastructures. We use manual and automated testing methods to identify vulnerabilities for the best result. If you have a single IP/Host or less than 15 IPs to test, please get in touch with us. In this case, the price may be reduced.

Basic2+ IPs$1000
Advnaced8+ IPs$3000
PremiumCustomContact Us
Please contact us for a customized vulnerability assessment and price.

Penetration Testing

We utilize the latest open-source, commercial, custom-developed tools, and manual, and automated testing skills to analyze your organization’s security in depth. With multiple packages, you can select the appropriate one for your organization.

BasicUp to 1 IPs$1000
AdvancedUp to 5 IPs$3000
PremiumCustomContact Us
Do you have any special requirements? Contact us

Web Application Testing

RedNode’s Team always uses advanced tools and techniques to identify security weaknesses in your web applications. With the pricing, we tried to make sure everybody can afford it.

BasicUp to 15 pages$800
AdvancedPer site$1800
PremiumCustomContact Us
The advanced package per site is up to 35 pages. Contact us for more details.

Red Team Assessment

Red Team Assessment is the real-world simulated cyber attack to measure the security posture in your organization. Although it is a time-consuming and most advanced test, we made the price affordable.

BasicBasic Project$10,000
AdvnacedAdvanced Project$15,000
PremiumCustomizedContact Us
Please contact us for more details.