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Preventing Frequent Cyber Attacks in Bangladesh

Cyber attacks in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s Government is taking multiple steps to digitalize the country. This effort is appreciable. On the other side, cyber attacks in Bangladesh are also increasing. We know the cyber security workforce shortage is a global issue, and on the other side, Bangladesh faces unique hurdles. Additionally, We have noticed that the businesses of Bangladesh are … Read more

Malware: Unpacking the Potential of Shellcode Execution

Malware: Unpacking the Potential of Shellcode Execution

In this modern world, Malware infection is still one of the biggest threats to individuals and organizations. There are different ways used by cyber criminals to get their malware into someone’s computer. One of the most quickly used methods is called “Shellcode Execution + Social Engineering.”, It’s also called “Shellcode Runner”. On the 27th of … Read more

Comparison of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Comparison of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

When it comes to ensuring a secure network environment, it’s essential to consider two key strategies: vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. While both are crucial components of a comprehensive cybersecurity framework, they differ significantly in their approach and purpose. Gaining a clear understanding of these distinctions is essential to utilize these strategies effectively. Vulnerability Assessment … Read more

Understanding OWASP TOP 10

Understanding Web Application Vulnerabilities

Injection Flaws Injection flaws are one of the most dangerous vulnerabilities that can lead the attacker to access sensitive data. Injection flaws may occur when user-provided data needs to be validated correctly, and the developer needs to catch up on the point. Some injection flaws are: SQL Injection: SQL Injection or SQLi is a common vulnerability … Read more

Cybersecurity is a Critical Concern for organizations

Cybersecurity is a Critical Concern for organizations

Cybersecurity is more critical than ever as small to large enterprises depend on digital technology for day-to-day tasks. Defending cyber-attacks became more challenging as the attacker developed new attack methods. In 2023, Phishing, Ransomware attacks, and Attacking Front-Facing services are still effective for them, but now the ways of attack are different. The Growing Threat … Read more

Understanding Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

In today’s fast-changing threat landscape, associations must be aware of security concerns that could affect their everyday operations. Vulnerability assessment is one of the security posture determination methods for identifying and categorizing network, system, and application security issues. In this article, I will explain how vulnerability assessment work, why it’s important, and how it may … Read more

9 Best Practice for successful penetration test

Pentesting best practice

Penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking, simulates real-world attacks to find vulnerabilities and weaknesses in business systems, networks, or specific applications. The Global Average cost of a data breach estimated by IBM is $4.35M, whereas healthcare costs $10.10M. In this ever-growing cyber attack, it is essential to pentest your external and internal network, infrastructures, … Read more

Cyber security for small business – Why it is important

Supply chain issue in cyber security

In this digital age, cyber security is a top priority for any kind of business. Large enterprises usually have the fund to invest in extensive security measure, but small business mostly struggles to keep up with the always-changing danger of cyber attacks. In this post, we are going to talk about the particular cybersecurity issue … Read more

Tmux Cheat Sheet

Tmux Cheat Sheet

My .tmux.con: Tmux is a wonderful multiplexer and a very useful tool for penetration testers and red teamers. I use it a lot. Here I have noted the most used tmux command for future reference! Session Here is some session management command Start a new session with a name List Sessions Attach to a session … Read more

The story of being OSCE3 certified in Bangladesh

You may already know me, I am Jobyer Ahmed, live in Bangladesh. Another identity is the founder of RedNode (Previously Redtm). I proudly want to say recently I became OSCE3(OffSec Certified Expert) Certified, and perhaps, I am the only person holding this certificate in Bangladesh. I also have earned other certificates, such as OSCP, Pentest+, … Read more