How often should you pentest your Business

How often should you pentest your Business

Pentesting is a very complex, expensive, and time-consuming project. It is a simulation of cyber attacks on computer systems. It takes years of experience to become a pentesting expert. Pentesters are expensive to hire. And it’s a highly complex thing to do. So, pentesting every day is not an organization’s job. But how often you should pentest your website depends on the situation and the size of the organization.

Should you pentest daily?

Pentesters test security vulnerabilities in your business infrastructure. Once the security vulnerability is checked, you need to fix it. But after fixing it, the vulnerabilities will not arise again on their own. So, it’s not worth it to pentest every day. Even if you do, it will drain your time, money, and energy.

If you update your system shortly after pentesting, you should pentest your system again. No matter how well it was tested. Because an update can change a lot in the backend, and it can be a threat to your business infrastructure.

So, how often should you pentest?

Pentesting is an increasingly important exercise. If you don’t pentest, it will be a huge problem, and if you pentest daily, it will be a resource drain. So, the answer is to follow a routine. Pentesting is a messy project. A routine can fix any mess. 

Minimum once a year if your organization is small and as soon as possible if there are any updates. Then you need to pentest your system again after 1 year after testing the update.

Twice a year if you are running a mediocre-sized business or organization. And after any update. You can run a Vulnerable disclosure program or Bug bounty program if possible.

Big corporations should pentest their infrastructure regularly. They should run a bug bounty platform. To ensure their security.

In conclusion, pentesting is an important aspect of ensuring the security of your business infrastructure. However, pentesting daily is not practical or cost-effective due to the complexity, cost, and time required for such projects. Instead, organizations should establish a routine for pentesting based on their size and situation.

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