Types of Web Security Testing that you need to know about

Types of Web Security Testing that you need to know about

In this modern world web security testing is the most demanding topic. Every day vast numbers of people are now involved with web applications and lead their business with those applications. Because the application is easy to operate and stores all of the organization’s data securely. But hackers are now choosing web applications as the best choice for hacking and rob lots of information about organizations and clients. Then the has possible chance to make them public on internet and that’s reason your organization reputation will decrease and ultimately you have to face financial defeat.

Important of Web Security Testing

Application security testing describes methods organizations can use to find and eliminate vulnerabilities in software applications. Methods involve testing, analyzing and exporting the security of software applications to the software development lifestyle.

The main goal of AST is to prevent software vulnerabilities before applications are released to the market, and failing that, quickly identify and remediate them in production. Successful AST results in more robust, secure source code, greater visibility over application security issues, and improved protection against internal and external threats.

Types of Web Security Testing

What do we need to do now for keeping your application to secure on internet? There has lots of types of web security testing that you need to try regularly to stay protected from unconscious attack.

Type of web security testing

Black Box Testing

Black box testing is a reliable approach. It tests the systems without being aware of internal working. A tester just provides input and monitors the systems’ generated output which will be tested following all procedures. That’s the reason it is quite possible to determine threat’s reaction time predicted score, usability, and reliability difficulties.

Black box testing is one of a approach where it test system process beginning to end. A tester can check the user behavior to the system and how the system can full fill their internal command.

Though end users don’t know the methods of development and design to get a good answer to their request. That’s the reason why all web servers and application server, database and merged systems are assessed along the route using a black box testing.  

Example of Black Testing:

  1. You hire a penetration tester. And give him only a list of URLs. No password, or no other information.
  2. The Penetration tester start searching those URLs on Google, then tries enumerating one by one or in parallel.
  3. With the gathered information, he start a vulnerability assessment.
  4. He attempts to exploit(Depending on the testing type).

Some benefits of black box web application testing:

  1. It is simulated security testing. So you get real idea, how an attacker can attack you from various angles.
  2. Black box testing force the tester to test all entry points.
  3. Black box testing ensures to find all possible vulnerabilities.

White box testing

White box testing is the opposite part of black box testing. White box testing tests the internal system data structure, internal layout, code structure, and overall functionality of the software. It is also known as transparent box testing or glass box testing. Because in those tests everything will be clear on your display and can know where the actual problem is or will be. That’s the reason Open box testing and adequate testing are other names for white box testing.

Internal configuration and functioning Software application are tested as part of the software testing process known as white box testing. The tester can use their command to create test case while having access to the source code and checking software accuracy at the code level.

The core logic, flow, and configuration of the software are examined using white box testing. It is often referred to as code-based testing or structural testing. To ensure that the logic flows and code paths follow the specified requirements, the tester develops test cases.

Example of White Box Testing:

  1. You hire a penetration tester and provide the source code of the web application.
  2. The penetration tester may take help of various tools, and manually review the source code for possible faults.
  3. The tester reports all findings after the completion of full assessment.

Benefits of White box web application testing:

  1. With white box testing false positives can be reduced.
  2. Unknown vulnerabilities can be identified.
  3. It improves the code quality by remediation of all faulty code.

Gray box testing

Gray box testing, a technique for application protection, combines white box testing with black box testing. The tester has inside knowledge of the process being tested (source code, design documents, etc.) when doing a white box review. An unknowledgeable black box inspection is performed on the procedure.

Gray box testing separates the contrast by giving the partial evaluator details about the technique internals. A gray box tester, for instance, could require help comprehending an application’s source code but might only have a limited ability and set of credentials to design papers. This provides more fantastic knowledge than black box testing and is more condensed than a white box examination.

Example of Gray box web application testing:

  1. You hire a pentester and provide him URL, Basic Functionality, and User roles information.
  2. Using this information the tester information gathering, enumeration, and vulnerability assessment.
  3. Tester may attempt to exploit all findings(Depending on type of testing).
  4. After completion of the test, tester submit a comprehensive report.

Benefits of Gray box web application testing:

  1. As the tester have some limited knowledge about the application, the tester can perform an in-depth analysis of the security.
  2. As gray box testing combines the black box testing method, the penetration tester is able to test the application more efficiently.
  3. Gray box web application testing has all benefits of black box testing.


In this article you already know Three types of web security testing we already described. If you want to stay safe on the internet, then you need to know what Web Security Testing (WST) is and how you can test your application to secure yourself from future cyber attacks. If you can do testing, then you do it by yourself and if you are unable to do it then you can hire Red Node to test your application. 

Because RedNode has professional and certified cyber security experts who are able to check your system and update you on what you need to do next to prevent attack from future.  Contact them to know more about your plan and testing.