Guide to choosing the right cyber security service

Guide to choosing the right cyber security service

In the era of technology, one of the biggest threats to a business infrastructure is cyber threats. It doesn’t matter if your business is small or medium; you can still be a target of cybercriminals. Your critical business data can be compromised anytime.

The modern cyber attack is evolving. Cybercriminals are one of the most creative criminals in the world. They always find a new way to attack IT infrastructure. In 2022, 70% of businesses were attacked by cybercriminals. The worst thing is that those businesses were attacked in various ways, which means there are uncountable ways that attackers can strike your business. 

It is hard to choose for anyone which cyber security service you exactly need for your business because cyber security is very complex to understand. But it is essential to choose the exemplary service to protect your business.

Why is it so important to choose the right cybersecurity service?

"If you choose the wrong path, then you will never reach your destination." 

There are several reasons to choose the right service. Here are some of them:

  • If you fail to choose the right service for the business, then maybe you also fail to protect your business from possible cyber threats. Because to identify and fix the security vulnerabilities in your business, you have to choose the right one.
  • It will cost you more money if you don’t choose the right service for your business on your first attempt. Because you won’t get your expected result from the wrong service and then you have to choose the right service again. That is going to cost you more.
  • Large businesses have more time issues and fewer monetary issues. Guesses you have chosen the wrong service for your 5000-employee-based business, and now you have to apply for the right one again. Can you imagine the time and cost both? So, choosing the right service saves you time.

Possible cyber threats and solutions

Guide to choosing the right cyber security service

Most business owners think they are too small to be targeted by cybercriminals. We will try to find out possible business threats by answering questions.

  1. Is your business dependent on applications such as e-commerce, online service and product sellers, and online entertainment platforms? If the answer is yes. Then there is a high risk that attackers may find security vulnerabilities in your application and exploit them against your business operating application to breach your business.

    Solution: A good solution can be to work with an application penetration tester that can identify all possible security vulnerabilities in your business operating application and fix them.
  1. Does your company have a private network between office devices? If yes, there is a possibility attackers can breach your office network to get unauthorized access to your office IT infrastructure. It is crucial to check how strong is your private network’s security.

    Solution: Conducting internal penetration testing can be highly advantageous in assessing the security measures of a private network. This test ensures what kind of damage can be done by external attackers once they have access to your internal network. Also, It is advised to pentest your office network to identify all possible security vulnerabilities in your network system.
  1. Do you know employees can be the biggest challenge to Cyber-defense? They are often targeted by cyber threats for easy access to the internal network. As a result, employees often become victims of social engineering attacks. It is said that 90% of the cyber attack happens due to human error. Sometimes your employees get hacked, or some unhappy malicious insider becomes a threat to business organizations. Or any attacker with internal access can be harmful to your business infrastructure.

    Solution: Always make sure your employees know the latest threats. Train them to keep their general security knowledge updated. You need to increase their IQ against all possible ways they can be cheated by cyber criminals. You need an insider testing service to save your business from hacked employees or unhappy malicious ones, or an attacker with internal access.
  1. If your business uses a cloud system, you might be a victim of a cyber attack if you don’t take proper action to remediate existing weaknesses in the cloud system. Recently, more and more businesses moving to the cloud, and attackers are also targeting cloud systems to steal sensitive information. Any unnoticed security weakness can cause a massive data breach in the cloud system. The cloud system is different from other software or database system, that’s why sometimes cloud vulnerabilities remain unnoticed.

    Solution: The cloud security analysis is a little bit different than the regular assessment. It is best to hire a dedicated cloud security expert or an all-rounded cyber security expert to pose a simulation for all possible ways to break the access system of your cloud storage.   
  1. Does your business collect and store customer data? You might be at high risk of a data breach. Even bigger companies like Yahoo!, Meta, and Microsoft faces data breach. Data breaches just do not make your customers frustrated but also can make your business firm face law and legalization. It threats the existence of your business. 

    Solution: A good pen-testing team can secure your database from a data breach. And a good red team can simulate an attack for a data breach. 
  1. Does your business sell online products like software, content, graphics, etc? There are possibilities; cybercriminals will leak your products for free or sell them to others at a lower price. Some of them also claim those products are invented by them.

    Solution: An OSINT team can help here. Who will continuously monitor your products online if anyone has leaked them or selling them for lower prices? They also can take necessary steps against those stupid criminals.
  1. Do you know malware is one of the biggest threats to your cyber defense? There are different kinds of malware, like Ransomware, spyware, adware, Remote Access tool, etc. These days malware is becoming advanced in its technique which makes it more difficult to detect them; they can separate themselves online and attack different IT systems. 

    Solution: Don’t forget to utilize a good antivirus program to defend yourself against malware and a firewall to block unauthorized access to your internal networks. For advanced malware, you have to use an advanced-type antivirus program. Your systems application needs to be updated to defend yourself against malware. Always check files using an antivirus program before you open them in your system.
  1. For instant detection and response against cyber threats, you need to automate your cyber security tasks. To automate your cyber security task, you will need tools.

    Solution: Check 10 Cybersecurity Tools You Must Have For Your Business.

There could be more different kinds of situations in your business. I just wrote about the most important situations only. Contact us, and we will find the right service for your business.

In conclusion, the cyber world got varieties of threats, that’s why there are a lot of kinds of cyber security services available. To make your business infrastructure secure from cyber criminals, you need to choose the right service for your business. RedNode, your most trusted cyber security partner, got most of the cyber security services.