Affordable cybersecurity services for businesses worldwide

Global Cybersecurity Services

Cyber threats have become much more sophisticated and widespread. It is now imperative for businesses to protect their sensitive data with the help of a cybersecurity expert team. But finding the right experts for affordable prices that can produce high-quality results is another concern for a company. Here is why, RedNode comes with a range of solutions.

Regardless of your location, RedNode offers a variety of Global Cybersecurity Services to assist the company in fighting against cyber threats. We offer several global cybersecurity services such as Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Web Application Testing, and Red Team Assessment. To simulate real-world security testing, we perform our security testing only remotely and over the internet. So location does not matter here.

Our Cybersecurity Services

We offer a range of budget-friendly security testing services without compromising the quality:

Vulnerability Assessment: Our extensive vulnerability assessment identifies potential security flaws in your network infrastructures and systems. We evaluate security using cutting-edge tools and manual testing techniques and provide a comprehensive report highlighting all discovered vulnerabilities and possible ways to fix them.

Penetration Testing: Our certified experts perform real-world attacks to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in your network infrastructures, systems, and devices. We continue after the identification of vulnerabilities. We try to exploit them to prove that it is exploitable by real attackers.

Web Application Testing: Businesses now rely on web applications for various operations. It is crucial to ensure your web application is protected from cyber threats. Our web application security testing services test your site for any existing security flaw based on OWASP Testing Guide and OWASP TOP 10. 

Red Team Assessment: Red Team Assessment simulates real-world attacks using the same tools and techniques real hackers use. Our certified red teamer will conduct sophisticated attacks against your network infrastructures, systems, and engineering. 

Customized Security Solutions: Every business has its unique security demands. Our customized security solutions are tailored to your requirements. The RedNode cybersecurity expert team will work with you to develop a plan to fits your needs.

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The benefits of Remote(Offsite) Security Testing

There are several benefits of Remote or Offsite security testing. Here are a few of them:

  1. Flexibility: Remote or Offsite security allows businesses to conduct the test without disrupting business operations.
  2. Real-World Testing: Most cyber attacks happen over the internet. Attackers start with a piece of the minimum knowledge, so we are. We perform the proper test with the right adversarial mindset.
  3. Cost-Effective: Offsite testing is usually cost-effective compared to onsite testing, as a business doesn’t need to invest in expensive equipment or personnel.
  4. Access to Global Talents: Businesses can hire the best testers from the global market. As a result, Get the best testers for the best result.
  5. Objectivity: By working with a third-party security testing service provider, companies can honestly assess their overall security posture.
  6. Convenience: The test is performed from anywhere with an internet connection, making it advantageous for businesses with geographically dispersed offices or remote workers. Companies can save time and money for the best possible result.

It is important to act as a real attacker when performing security testing against organizations. And real attackers attack the internet with just a minimum number of pieces of information. So as the attacker, to measure the security posture of the company, the test should be performed over the Internet too.

In summary, No matter you are or your business is located. Our security testing services are provided globally and for anyone that needs to protect their business from global cyber threats. With our comprehensive services, you will stay one step ahead of the latest cyber threats. If you have any questions or looking for customized security solutions, contact us.