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Outsourced SOC vs In house SOC: pros, cons, and differences


SOC stands for Security Operations Center. The term cyber security operations are directly related to modern business. They need cyber security teams to protect infrastructure data and assets. If they hire an external cyber security team then it’s called Outsourced SOC, if they build an internal cyber security team it’s called in-house SOC. The Outsourced … Read more

Red Team vs Blue Team: Understanding as a Service

Red team vs blue team

Red team refers to a group of authorized and organized people to emulate a potential cyber attack on a modern IT infrastructure to find all security vulnerabilities and exploitable materials. Blue team refers to a group of people responsible to defend a modern IT infrastructure against a group of mock attackers (i.e. red team). In … Read more

Personal cyber security tips to improve personal cyber security

Personal Cyber Security

Personal cyber security refers to an individual’s security in the cyber world. Personal protection protects a person from cyber threats. Tips for personal cyber security In this article, we will describe tips to improve personal cyber security. Here are they: 1. Use complex and unique passwords everywhere The first tip for personal cyber security tips … Read more

Best practices to secure network: Practices (part 2)

Best practices to secure network: Practices (part 2)

This is the second part of securing networks. Here we will describe practices to secure networks. The first part is here –> Part 1 Steps to strong and secure your network Segregate Your Network Network segmentation involves dividing a network into separate zones or segments based on their function or needs, which can be done … Read more

Antivirus: Good Sides and Bad Sides

An analysis of antivirus

Antivirus is an important tool for every person who uses computer devices. Antivirus has good uses and has some bad impacts too. But antivirus tool has more good impacts than bad impacts. In this article, we are gonna describe both. Why do you need an antivirus tool? Antivirus tools protect your computer from malware and … Read more

Timeline of Cyber Security: The Fascinating Evolution

timeline of cyber security

the timeline of cyber security began in 1945 with the invention of the modern computer named ENIAC. But the term cyber security was not invented yet. But the world didn’t know that the term cyber security would one day change the entire world. ENIAC was a building-sized computer so the only way to attack that … Read more

Ethical Hacking vs Penetration Testing

Ethical Hacking vs Penetration testing

The model of cyber security is very much complex. In the upcoming days, the model will become more complex. It’s hard to understand the methods like Ethical hacking vs penetration testing. Ethical hacking and generation testing both are very important parts of cyber security. These two roles have certain similarities and also have some differences … Read more

Penetration Testing vs Vulnerability Assessment: Top 6 bold differences

Penetration testing vs Vulnerability assessment

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment both are essential for an organization’s cyber security. But most organizations or individuals can’t decide which service they need for their infrastructure. Penetration Testing vs Vulnerability assessment represents the difference between these two services so that organizations or individuals can understand which service they need. Penetration testing refers to a … Read more